5 Best Dog Breeds for Families with Kids

Dog Breeds for Families

There’s nothing more exciting than bringing home a new puppy or dog. But, with all the excitement surrounding this experience comes a lot of worries — especially if you’re planning on having children in the house sooner rather than later. While your dog will no doubt be very gentle and loving with your family, there are still some things that need to be considered before deciding whether or not it would be safe for your children to interact with one another around an animal (and especially around something so small). Luckily for every parent out there who wants their kids growing up knowing how important proper manners are when interacting with other people/animals/things (or combinations thereof), we’ve got five different dog breeds that are great for families because they’re friendly but also gentle enough to teach those lessons!


Beagles are popular dogs because they’re friendly, gentle, and good with kids. This makes them a good choice for families with kids.

Beagles enjoy playing and interacting with children, so they’re not likely to growl at them or become aggressive when someone else in the family comes over. The dog will probably be happy to see you when you walk through the door!

Beagles also have an easygoing temperament; if you have any doubts about whether your new baby will get along with your Beagle pup (or vice versa), talk it over first before bringing home either one of these two adorable pets!

Cocker Spaniels:

Cocker spaniels are a small breed, so they can be great for families with children. They are intelligent, loyal, and affectionate dogs who love to play with their friends and family members. These dogs make excellent watchdogs because they bark loudly when they see or hear something suspicious or unusual.

Cockers have been known to bark at squirrels in the yard, but if you’re looking for a quiet companion who won’t disturb your daily routine too much then this may not be the right dog for you after all!


Collies are an excellent choice for families with kids. They’re intelligent, loyal, and affectionate—and they’re also playful! Because of their love of adventure and curiosity, collies make good watchdogs. They’re easy to train as well, so you’ll have no trouble getting them used to other pets or people in your home.

Collies have a calm nature that makes them perfect for families with small children (or even larger kids). Your little one will enjoy running around outside with the dog while you relax on the couch with a good book or movie playing on TV. And if your little one decides he wants more than just running around outside? That’s okay too! The best part about having a dog as part of your family is being able to take care of him when he needs some extra attention from time to time!


Labradors are also known for being very friendly with kids; they enjoy interaction and exercise as much as anyone else in the family. As a result, labradors make great pets for families with kids. However, it’s important to keep your dog on a leash when you’re around young children because he might bounce up on them.

Labradors are intelligent dogs who can be trained easily; they love learning new tricks and will quickly catch on if you teach them properly! If you have an energetic puppy at home (like mine), then this breed may not work out so well since he needs lots of exercises every day or two—and sometimes more than that if we go hiking or camping!

Golden Retrievers:

  • Golden Retrievers: Being one of the most popular dog breeds, golden retrievers are well-known for their friendly demeanor and love of playtime. These dogs tend to be calm, relaxed, and easygoing. They can also be protective when needed but don’t make good watchdogs because they’re generally too laid back to bark at strangers or other dangers.
  • Beagles: Beagles have been bred over the years for their hunting abilities in various types of terrain (including water) which means that they’re great swimmers too! This breed makes an excellent family dog because it doesn’t require much exercise outside the home setting; however, if given the opportunity then this breed does tend towards running around too much so check with your vet before getting one if you plan on having more than one child around him/her regularly as well as another pet such as a cat/dog etcetera which may be able to respond negatively towards each other due solely based on instinctual behavior patterns developed over thousands of years ago when wolves lived alongside humans before civilization took hold across entire continents.”

No need to fear that your children won’t be safe around a dog — there are plenty of breeds that can help teach them about kindness, responsibility, and fun!

As a parent, the idea of having a dog around the house is an exciting one. You can teach your children responsibility and kindness by allowing them to care for the pooch and make it feel loved. But this can be tricky if you don’t know any breeds that are good candidates for families with kids — or even worse if you have no idea how much time your little ones will spend playing with their new pet!

Fortunately, there are plenty of dogs out there that are gentle enough to handle kids without scaring them away (or worse). These breeds provide just as much fun as they do love: they’ll play fetching games or tug-of-war matches; run around outside chasing squirrels; get into trouble when bored…the list goes on! It’s important when selecting which breed best suits your family’s needs because choosing one can save you money too since most cost less than 100 dollars per year in upkeep fees each month.


In our experience, the best way to teach children about responsible dog ownership is through positive reinforcement. By showing them that it’s okay to play with their dog, you can help build their confidence and teach them about responsibility as well. If you feel like your kids would benefit from some tips on how to keep their pets happy and healthy all year round (and maybe even help them out with some household chores), then why not consider adopting a furry family member?

Alice Lizotte
Alice Lizotte

Hello Guys! I'm Alice, and with me, you will read epic blogs about different subjects ... So I hope that you all are ready for that!

Hello Guys! I'm Alice, and with me, you will read epic blogs about different subjects ... So I hope that you all are ready for that!

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